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Ross' break into mainstream movies came in 2001 under the directorship and guidance of Frank Pierson - the Oscar-winning Hollywood director who had directed screen legends Barbra Streisand and Kris Kristofferson in A Star Is Born and had won an Oscar for his screenplay on Dog Day Afternoon in 1976. Working alongside acclaimed actor Kenneth Branagh, Ross played the role of a Nazi officer in Conspiracy - a movie dramatising the infamous secret conference of leading Nazi figures held at Wannsee Manor in 1942 to discuss Hitler's infamous 'final solution' to the 'jewish question'.

  More recently, Ross would play the role of violent gay-basher Merv in the Channel 4 film Clapham Junction alongside Eastenders star Paul Nicholls and Luke Treadaway. A touching and sensitive movie about the mixed experiences of several gay men who frequent Clapham Common, Ross' realistic and down to earth approach to acting brought to life a character which would keep the audience guessing about the true nature of his deranged personality.

Ross has recently worked with David S Goyer who is famed for his script work on the recent Batman and Superman movies. Ross' talent in acting as well as being able to portray the 'heavy' type with skill and ease has led him to move onto some high profile films like 'Mariah Mundi and the Midas Box' and 'Narcropolis.'

In complete contrast, Ross would demonstrate his wackier side in the Selwyn Roberts movie Heroes and Villains. Playing the role of 'larger than life' Russian pornstar Ivan, Roberts actively encouraged Ross to go 'wild and crazy' with his characterisation. The acclaimed Hollywood movie director adored Ross' performance and would later comment that he would love to have written a whole screenplay around Ross' wacky and memorable characterisation of 'crazy' Ivan.

Ross has enjoyed a very successful run in film and has brought humour and strength to everything thast he does. Ben Lloyd Holmes who met Ross while on the film set of ' Da Vinci's Demons' recently asked Ross to act in his new horror feature called 'Extinction.'
Feature Films  

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2020 Mr. Gimpole The Loss Adjuster Pink Flamingo Films Vincent Woods
2020 Tom Carpenter The Ballad of Billy McCrae Cymru Films Chris Crow
2020 Tim Harris Jungle Cry Bollywood Productions Sagar Ballary
2020 Brad  Tribal  Wildstyle Productions  Matt Routledge 
2019 The Bear Dragonheart Vengeance Universal 1440 Ivan Silvistrani
2019 Jack Backdraft 2
Universal 1440 Gonzalo Lopez-Gallego
2019 Sgt. Evans Avengement
Independent Films Jessie V. Johnson
2018 British Agent Mission Impossible : Fallout Paramount Pictures Christopher McQuarrie
2018 Sir RichardDragon Kingdom
High Fliers Films Simon Wells
2018 Suspicious Passenger Apostle
Netflix Gareth Evans
2018 Carnage Cliff Accident Man
Six Demon Films Jesse V. Johnson
2016 Sir Richard Knights Of The Damned
High Fliers Films Simon Wells
2016 Wyman The Lost Viking
Tornado Films Emmet Cummins
2016 Gary Windle The Jade Horse
Little Dude Films Alex Wealand
Jeff Logger
Hollywood Vision Films
Adam Spinks
Officer Archer
T-Squared Films
Justine Trefgarne
Sgt Browning
Our Father
Main Sequence Films
Calum Rhys
Phil Conn
Coffin Grabber
Reel People Films
Claire Elizabeth Alberie
Team Member
Mariah Mundi and the Midas Box
Entertainment Motion Picures
Jonathan Newman
Stranger Than You Think
Main-Sequence film
Martyn Foster Lewis
Battlefield Commander Satory
The Hermes 90
Telemedia Films
Loten Pevzner
John the Construction Supervisor
Colonial Gods
Northstar Pictures Inc
Dee Rees
The Desk Sergeant
I Know You Know
Little Film Co.
Justin Kerrigan
Roman Soldier 2 -
Crucifixion Crew
The Passion
Michael Offer
Clapham Junction
Darlow Smithson
Channel 4 films
Adrian Shergold
Heroes & Villains
Clip: Scene#1
Clip: Scene#2
Vertigo Films
Selwyn Roberts
David Moffet
Red Dawn
BBC Film Board
Craig Whithycombe
Christopher Columbus
The Adventurer
Tremendous Films Inc
Ashleigh Dennet
Sir Richard
A Knights Life
Tremendous Films Inc
Ashleigh Dennet
King Richard
The Lost Crusades
America United Films
Frank Wallace
Lieut. Von Stadt
Frank Pierson
I, Gladiator
Zachary Weintraub

Our Father 2015

The Lost Viking

The Jade Horse 2016

Conspiracy 2001

Hereos and Villians 2005

Our Father 2015

Clapham Junction 2007

Clapham Junction 2007

Rosemary and Thyme 2004

Torchwood 2006

The Crusades 2003

Stranger than you Think 2011

Torchwood 2006

The Crusades 2003 
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